“The Sound of Thunder”
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My work “The Sound of Thunder” has been selected to be showcased as one of the 100 pieces in The Prize for Illustration – Sounds of the City exhibition, which will be on display from 19 May 2017 until 3 September 2017 at the London Transport Museum, Covent Garden, London.
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The Prize for Illustration 2017 is organized by The Association of Illustrators (AOI) in partnership with London Transport Museum (LTM).
This year the theme is Sounds of the City – an illustrated interpretation of urban sound.

This is an illustration with embedded sRGB color profile. As you can see Carbonmade removes all embedded color profiles (colors of this image are oversaturated).

Now, please, go to https://www.behance.net/gallery/44994197/JPEG-with-embedded-sRGB-color-profile to see the difference. Behance does not remove color profiles and preserves embedded sRGB color profile (and the colors are OK now).

If you are using a wide gamut monitor, like a professional EIZO monitor or a professional NEC monitor, then you will see a really big difference between displaying images on the Carbonmade website and on the Behance website.

On a standard monitor, I mean non-wide gamut monitor, like Dell or Mac, there is still the difference but it is not so big. But I am afraid that serious art directors have wide gamut monitors, because wide gamut monitors are the best for printing.